Prevent Memphis Personal Injuries: Holiday Home Fire Safety Tips

Chess nuts are roasting by an open fire. The yule logs all aglow. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it. However, if your Memphis chess nuts are cooking by the light from your living room couch, the picture is not quite so cozy. The National Christmas Tree Association estimates 36 million trees are sold each year. Christmas trees are associated with around 400 flames yearly, bringing about ten deaths, 80 injuries and more than $15 million in property damage.

The figures for Tennessee are shockingly similar. As a Shelby County trial lawyer who handles fire cases, I can tell you all that there is no more gruesome image than that of a burned child or elderly adult. For example, 16 people were killed in Tennessee in 1989 during a single fire incident at a Johnson City Nursing home. It is impressive and frightening to see how quickly a Christmas Tree fueled fire can spread, as this video shows:

Rather than face a wall of flame, one must take a few simple precautions. The American Academy Of Pediatrics has a couple of common sense ideas on holiday safety or (en Espanol). During this joyous time of year, we can only hope that our future is bright and that our precious families are safe and secure. Happy Holidays to all of you.